Smoked olive oil

Smoked olive

I am not an acquaintance of olive oil with added flavors. There are some exceptions, but normally, my opinion is that the simplest olive oil has never been accustomed make such oil. The natural scent and taste of the additional virgin olive oil are what make it special. Compare it with adding flavors to the wine. that’s also a weird thought, right? and barely performed. a minimum of not with quality wine. If you wish to feature a scent or flavor to your dish, then “just” use that product and add it in a very chosen intensity.


Like I said, with some exceptions. Our extra virgin olive oil with herbs from Tunisia/Spain is extremely special. Our own oil with Chilli and lemon is additionally quite acceptable. Naturally fresh. But really only necessary once you haven’t got a fresh lemon nearby.

Smoked olive oil

Smoked oil

And then the smoked olive oil!  I honestly do not know of a dish that I can prepare that may taste better with smoked olive oil. this is often different for professionals within the kitchen. they’ll name and prepare some dishes within which smoked olive oil would be a decent addition. I counsel those professionals, top chefs, to smoke the olive oil by themselves. Put a pleasant Extra Virgin oil, Egg with many green tones in an exceedingly flat tray and smoke it to some extent that you simply as a chef are satisfied with the taste and intensity of the smoking. Experiment with fruity mild olive oils, grassy olive oils, and slightly more bitter olive oils. Until you’ve got the correct taste, completely to your liking. I guarantee a higher, tastier outcome and also lots cheaper than the prefab smoked olive oils on the market.