Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are determined by weight, size, destination, and carrier. The three most important factors that affect shipping costs are weight, size, and destination. The weight is calculated by the number of pounds or kilograms of an item. The size is calculated by the dimensions of an item in linear inches or centimeters depending on the type of carrier used. The destination is calculated based on zip code or city name.

A significant amount of items are shipped domestically with ground services which include residential delivery via USPS or FedEx Home Delivery services to commercial sites including businesses, schools, churches, and other entities that do not have a dedicated loading dock. Shipping is a major cost in the global economy, with 80% of world trade going by sea.

In developed countries, it is less expensive to ship products by road or rail due to the high cost of fuel and the availability of cheaper labor. In developing countries, however, where labor costs are higher and fuel prices are lower, shipping products via water is often the least costly option.

In general, trucks carry more weight than containers do. This can be an advantage when goods have a low value-to-weight ratio but a disadvantage when weight needs to be minimized to save money on transport costs.


The Netherlands  Shipping costs

For The Netherlands, Shipping costs are calculated for each purchase according to the weight of the order as follows:

From 2kg up to a weight of 10 kg, a fixed amount of €6.75 will be charged.

From 11kg up to a weight of 23 kg, a fixed amount of €14.50 will be charged.

Above 23kg please contact us for the exact shipping cost.

Orders are delivered within 6 to 9 working days after payment.

The shipping costs include VAT.

The courier company PostNL will keep you informed of the progress of the delivery.

Voor Nederland worden de verzendkosten voor elke aankoop als volgt berekend op basis van het gewicht van de bestelling:

Vanaf 2 kg tot een gewicht van 10 kg wordt een vast bedrag van € 7,50 in rekening gebracht.

Vanaf 11kg tot en met een gewicht van 23 kg wordt er een vast bedrag van € 14,50 in rekening gebracht.

Boven de 23 kg kunt u contact met ons opnemen voor de exacte verzendkosten.

Bestellingen worden na betaling binnen 6 tot 9 werkdagen geleverd.

De verzendkosten zijn inclusief BTW.

Het koeriersbedrijf PostNL houdt je op de hoogte van het verloop van de bezorging.

Verzendkosten (Euros)
1€ 6.75€ 20.50€ 14.0011,50€ 10.50€ 10.50
3€ 20.50€ 20.50€ 20.50€ 20.50
6€ 26.00€ 27.00€ 27.00€ 27.00€ 27.00
11€ 14.50€ 36.00€ 36.00€ 36.00€ 36.00€ 36.00
21€ 47.00€ 47.50€ 47.50€ 47.50€ 47.50
23+AUB, Neem contact met ons op voor de verzendkosten
Gewicht per product 
PresentatiesGewicht (kg)
Petfles 5 L5
Petfles 2 L2
Petfles 1 L1
Glazen fles 0,5 L1
Set van 6 Petfles 1L6.5
Set van 4 Petfles 2L8.5
Set van 4 Petfles 5L20.5
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