Tunisian Extra Virgin

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Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicious, healthy oil sourced from Tunisia, where the climate is perfect for olive trees. It’s full of natural flavors and high in nutrients, without any additives or chemicals. With our convenient packaging options and reasonable price, you’ll love Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil as much as we do!



Hagos Trading offers you the most effective olive oil from our own farm in Tunisia. But If you never tasted the olive oil of Tunisia? so you miss lots. But you can enjoy it today!! Take the step to order it online, we are sure you’ll come back!! if not, we guarantee you to refund the total paid amount. Because Tunisian Extra Virgin, It’s unique and made of manually selected olives. Each of which is handpicked from the tree.

Immediately harvested and directly cold-pressed in order to ensure the highest quality product arrives in your bottle to your kitchen. Locally in Tunisia, we have two types of oil (“Sahli” which has a sweet taste, and “Rukhamey” which has a moderate bitterness) compared to other varieties. The Sahli extra virgin olive oil monovarietal is crafted locally and the olives come from the unique olive plantations in Tunisia. Which requires very little water and no pesticides.

It contains all the vitamins and provitamins of olive oil, minerals, and polyphenols, which protect cells from oxidative stress, active oxygen, and free radicals, and it’s a special choice for salads and cold dishes.

In the production process of Tunisian Extra Virgin, nothing has been heated, not used of any chemical products in the processes to obtain this olive oil. With our convenient packaging options and reasonable price, you’ll love our  Olive Oil from Tunisia as much as we do! so? Order it today.


Start of the harvest: Late October / early November.
Origin of the olive: Tunisia
Grinding: within 24 hours of harvest.
Pressing: Cold-pressed.
Storage: In stainless-steel drums with an inert atmosphere, to stop oxidation.


It’s important to store the bottles in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight and without strong odors and close the cap after each use.

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