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From the fertile, verdant fields of Crete comes Grelia’s traditional Cretan herbs, and none is more celebrated than the use of top-quality, wild herbs. Greek herbs, as we all know, are famous for their antioxidants and antibiotic qualities. The best-known herb of Crete is the SAGE TEA.

Benefits of  SAGE TEA
1. Acts as Antioxidant

2. Acts as Antimicrobial

3. Acts as Anti-inflammatory

4. Prevents Free Radicals

5. Source of Essential Nutrients

6. Acts as Relaxant

7. Treats Depression

8. Treats Insomnia

9. Acts as Appetite Enhancer

10. Helps Losing Weight

11. Maintains Cholesterol Levels

12. Prevents Cancer Cells

13. Prevents Risks of Heart Disease

14. Prevents Diabetes

15. Prevents Kidney Problems

16. Promotes Liver Health

17. Treats Fevers and Colds

18. Treats A Sore Throat

19. Prevents Indigestion

20. Promotes Healthy Digestion System

21. Reduces Muscle Tension

22. Improves Memory

23. Treats Alzheimer’s Disease

24. Reduces Menopausal Systems

25. Reduces Breast Milk’s Production

26. Detoxifies Blood

27. Promotes Skin Health

28. Promotes Hair Health

29. Prevents Early Aging