Cretan Honey

8.99 / unit

Nutritious and rich in Vitamins Cretan Honey from Thyme, Flowers, and Pine Tree.

Cretan Honey is a natural, healthy, and tasty product, which contains many minerals and vitamins. It has healing properties with beneficial effects on the immune system. It has a low glycemic index and is rich in mono and poly minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. Cretan Honey is produced from the nectar of thyme, flowers, and pine tree.

Get a piece of nature in a jar! Raw honey is a rich and delicious natural sweetener that will add a bit of life to any meal. It’s doesn’t pasteurize, meaning it’s raw and all-natural with no added ingredients or preservatives. This makes it different from most other honey brands which are heated to kill every bacteria. Our raw honey is obtained from bees who drink from the natural farms and mount’s flowers.