3 section Gabarret Appetizer Tray – AGT 02


Rustic appetizer tray – for an easy appetizer set. Great for snacks, parties, or family gatherings, this tray has three sections perfect for dips, veggies, and chips.


This 3 section Gabarret Appetizer Tray – AGT 02 was hand-made from olive tree wood. This wood is unique and is a type of wood that is very resistant to decay and insects. Because it’s not It is not hard as some other types of woods, and it does have a nice feel to it became today a great choice for those people looking for natural and luxury decorative products. One reason that you should consider using olive trees wood is that it is not as hard as some other types of wood so it will be easier to work with. It also has a nice feel to it.

Today, olive trees wood is used in making furniture sets, window frames, and cutting boards for its excellent durability. You can also use it to make some types of boats because it is not brittle.

Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean region but are also grown all over the world.

Our products are handcrafted from solid olive wood which is naturally and legally harvested. The wood is aged at least 12 months and dried naturally to prevent cracking. No chemicals or wood stains are used, so the products are 100% safe for food.

Our products can be washed with soap like any other kitchen utensil. We do recommend that you oil your product once a month, using a light soya oil or vegetable oil, to protect and maintain its condition

Order today this unique 3 section Gabarret Appetizer Tray – AGT 02.

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