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Private Label

The use of the private label is an increasingly popular practice in the retail industry. Private labels are brands that are owned by retailers, instead of by manufacturers. They are often cheaper to produce than other brands because they don’t have to pay for the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing costs associated with a well-known brand name.

Private Label is a term that is often misunderstood. With the private label, the business provides all of the input to the product’s design, branding, and production. The company then markets them under its own brand or trade name.

Private Label has traditionally been seen as an opportunity for small businesses to enter markets where they are not able to compete with larger competitors on price or quality. It’s one of the fastest-growing sectors in retail with predicted annual growth rates of 6%.

In addition to our own brands, we also produce oil products under our own label. We are happy to think together with you about producing a straightforward edible fat (like oil), under our own label, as an example. But it’s also possible to supply a novel blend of various oils for you, so release it under your own label.


The advantage of your own label is that you simply distinguish yourself from the competition. you’ll apply exclusive rights to the employment of your label, or offer it on the market yourself. this will increase the image and brand awareness of your company or trademark.


We have numerous options in terms of the composition of vegetable oils likewise because the packaging size and packaging types. How about your own blend of frying oil? Would you wish it in a very 1-liter PET bottle, 5 liters can, 10 liters or 15-liter Bag in Box? Printed fully color or rather just a label? You understand the selection is big.

We can also provide the look for you, entirely in your own house style.


Orientation phase: We first consider you which of them product it concerns, within which packaging it should be delivered, which purchase quantity, and also the costs.

Packaging choice and design: We coordinate the look of the packaging or the label. you’ll be able to deliver this to us or we develop a design and present it to you.

Test phase: we’ve got a test product made and discuss this with you in order that you’ll see how it’s in practice.

Production phase: we’ve your products filled within the correct composition, packaging type, and batch.

Delivery: We deliver your products to the required location.

Note: A minimum purchase quantity is required for a personal label. this relies on the kind of product and therefore the form of packaging.

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