How to use olive oil in restaurants

How to use olive oil

More flavor at less cost. Which restaurateur and chef don’t want that? Everyone’s friend on the table, the advantageous one for big consumption within the kitchen, that one very special one as a crucial ingredient therein beautiful dish. How does one use olive oil? /How to use olive oil in restaurants?

Four uses of olive oil for the restaurant

Olive oil has such a large amount of variations. Our range includes olive oils from Tunisia and Spain with different colors and flavors
As far as I do know, there are 4 uses for olive oil.

1. The olive oil on the table and/or with the served bread.

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That must be olive oil that everybody likes. Everyone’s friend with a high taste with friendly flavors like fruit and grass. not at all too bitter. within the first place because not everyone likes it, but also because it already stresses the taste buds, and can you taste those beautiful appetizers or that delicate starter? during this case, definitely select the standard. The olive oil on the table is your business card. Show that you just have paid attention to that and only wish the most effective for your guests. Put the chosen olive oil on your menu. let your guests know what they love. The olive variety used, the origin, etc.

2. The additional virgin olive oil for big consumption within the kitchen

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Slow cooking in olive oil, marinating in olive oil, making vinaigrettes, sauces. Dressing the salad. olive oil may be a real seasoning. a bit like salt, it brings out the taste of the merchandise on which you employ it more. olive oil over broccoli makes broccoli taste more delicious. It makes many products tastier. For this use, you’re searching for a top rate but with a wonderful price/quality ratio. We sell best (0.1% acidity) extra virgin olive oil which in many (star) kitchens stands for less than € 29.99 per 5 liters. that’s cheaper than the majority of brands in most wholesale stores. More flavor for less money. that is what this can be all about.

3. That one special for that lovely dish

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There’s a brand new dish that’s crying out for nice vegetable oil. Are we going with the taste, or are we visiting to give the proper counterbalance? Desserts with olive oil with reminder chocolate.  Fresh spring salads with, as an example, lukewarm shellfish or tuna or chevre that scream for fresh olive oil. Pour it over the dish at the table and therefore the scent of spring will rise from the plate.

We sell all olive oil by bottle. Is it something short on the menu and only needs some drops? No worries. you’ll and should just order one bottle … along with the massive quantities for giant consumption within the kitchen.

4. Oil for frying

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I know Spanish chefs who do EVERYTHING with Extra Virgin oil. Baking. frying and cold use. they are saying that they have less of it which doesn’t need to be dearer in terms of investment. It makes everything tastier.

In the Netherlands, we aren’t (yet) that far. There, the pomace olive oil is commonly used when oil is employed for baking. pomace oil literally means – rest or waste. it’s the residue from the olive. we might have said the second hot press earlier.  The olive oil has therefore more responsible a refining process and cannot splash and cannot or hardly affect the taste. that’s desirable in some cases. Compare that to baking in butter or the Sansa. That difference in taste, you’ll use within the palette of flavors that you just want to form as a culinary artist.

Did you recognize that Extra Virgin vegetable oil of top quality (low acidity) features a high burning point? Just have a glance at the list in Wikipedia.

Our advice to you

We can advise you to see the correct oil for the correct application in your restaurant. the possibilities of lower costs and more flavor are quite high.