About us

Hagos trading is your favorite olive oil store in The Netherland. In case you wonder to know more about us, we are search, taste, inspect, import, and supply top qualities of olive oil to wholesalers, catering, retail, and consumers in the whole EU countries.

Since we were young, we fell in love with olive oil, otherwise, I cannot explain my fascination for this liquid gold. The olive trees mean a lot to us in Tunisia. Every single day we use olive oil as food and medicines. Olive Oil is a delicacy all over the world, but it also has many medicinal properties. It’s the only vegetable oil that doesn’t contain cholesterol and has a myriad of benefits.

Our company was started as a hobby a while ago but in 2017 begin a tiny webshop. We were beginning with only four different styles of Extra Virgin From Spain and only one type of olive oil from Tunisia(extra virgin). All these types are still in my range and are still among the simplest running products.

About Our Team

Our team includes all our suppliers. Olive oil makers from Tunisia, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece. We constantly talk to them. Also in fact with the numerous top chefs who give their opinion about newly discovered olive oils and other delicacies and we will not forget our customers’ review and their opinions because it’s so important for us the direct communications with our customers.

Keeping work every day to urge the foremost beautiful olive oils to our customers and for an effective price is our big challenge. Whether you’re a foodie, a restaurateur, retailer, or wholesaler. If you have got any questions, don’t hesitate to choose up the phone or send an email.




To meet our high-quality requirements, we are constantly trying to find the most effective raw materials.

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!